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Enterprise for the People

The Supra Collaboration Suite is collection of services offering essential communications tools with enterprise-grade security and compliance at an affordable price.

Supra takes the demanding needs of a modern communications platform, puts them into an intuitive, easy-to-use package and synchronizes all of your information with all of your devices.

Supra is simple to use. It works with your existing technology so you can access your e-mail, calendar and other features from the web or native desktop or mobile apps.

Supra Features

    • E-Mail
    • Address Book
    • Calendar
    • Tasks
    • Briefcase
    • Message Filters
    • Mobile
    • E-Mail Folders
    • Message Tagging
    • Shared Address Books
    • Folder Sharing
    • Group Calendars
    • Outlook Connector
    • OS X Notifications
    • Spam & Virus Filtering
    • Built-In Office Suite
    • E-Mail Signatures
    • Message Retention
    • E-Mail Compliance
    • Instant Messaging

You can get started with Supra today

End the suffering with second-rate e-mail services.

Simply Powerful

Solid Foundation

E-Mail, Calendars, Files, Address Books and robust sharing features make up the base of the Supra Collaboration Suite. We also offer additional spam, virus and phishing filters, Enterprise e-mail archiving and a cross-platform office suite built right in.

Gorgeous Interface

No longer the last desperate means of accessing email, Supra's webmail interface is gorgeously packed with powerful tools just as drag-and-drop attachments, one-click calendar appointments, advanced sharing features and even a native mobile interface.

Mobile Ready

Supra is built for mobile devices. And with push notifications messages, calendar alerts and reminders are pushed directly to your devices the moment they arrive - no more fetching from the server!

BYO Technology

Supra give users the freedom to use their familiar technologies. E-mail, calendar and tasks are all in sync. Mac, Linux and Windows, iPhone, Android and Blackberry are all supported.